Short Story Writing

He knew what was at stake. He couldn’t turn away now because he was in too deep. He didn’t need the money, but he did need it to protect his loved ones. He wanted it. When he first started out in this business profit was the only thing on his mind. He could have never anticipated the horrors that awaited him as a result of his life choices. Somewhere deep down he knew the risk was there, but didn’t think much of it at the time. He was putting his life on the line in order to make his living, in order to gain his riches and success. For him that was okay, but when his family and friends started to become victims to his occupation, the pain became almost unbearable. He just wanted his own success, his own name and recognition, and he did whatever it was he needed to in order to achieve that. But one slip up and all the work he had done would be wasted. His family would not be able to share his riches, and if he died, he wouldn’t be able to protect them from the dangers they were unaware of. He needed to live. He thought about his mother and father and what they would say if they knew the truth about his line of work. They just thought he was a savvy at home investor making a career out of buying and selling stocks. They only saw the external happiness that the money brought him after he had already made it. They didn’t see the pain and suffering below the surface of someone who knew what he was doing was wrong, yet couldn’t turn away from doing it. He knew taking advantage of others was wrong, he knew stealing was wrong, his parents had taught him better than that. But after feeling like he was taken advantage of by others his whole life had changed his attitude when he first began the trade. Now there was so much pressure, and he was so well known throughout the inner circles, he had no choice but to succeed, he was the best and that’s why people wanted his services. His family had no idea they would be targeted by local gang members and hit men if he failed, they had no idea the severity of the crimes he had committed. All they knew is he was successful and that is the way he planned on keeping it. He had to succeed, for them. For their happiness and peace of mind. He pulled back the slide on his 9mm glock and loaded a bullet into the chamber. This was his lifeline. He put his mask on, and transformed. Focused, hoping he wouldn’t have to use the gun but knowing if he did it wouldn’t be the first time. He walked into the bank, approached the counter calmly like he had done so many times before, and began his day at work.


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