Poetry: Shel Silverstein

One of the most iconic pieces of poetry I have ever read is a piece by Shel Silverstein called ‘The Missing Piece’. I love this work because it is relateable to everyone on some level. With have all struggled with acceptance in our lives in one form or another, and have always wanted to be part of something. This poem exemplifies that struggle, and how difficult it can be. Poetry has a unique way of being interpreted differently by each person that consumes it. The words strike different chords with all of us and somehow we can all relate in one form or another. Your mind is alone with the words, there is no beat or lyrics like there is in song to evoke emotion. That is the true artistic value of poetry and why everyone can influenced by it differently. Shel Silverstein’s poetry was a major part of my childhood and his poems were always fun and creative, but sometimes dark and confusing. Much like life can be at times. With that being said, I will always remember ‘The Missing Piece’ and always remember how I felt the first time I ever read it. It helped me create a sense of self worth and value within my self not many other pieces of literature could come close to matching. And for that I am grateful.




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