Calvin and Hobbes

One of the comics and graphic novel collections I used to consume a lot of when I was younger were the Calvin and Hobbes series by Bill Watterson. He produced these comics from 1985-1995 about a young boy named Calvin and his stuffed pet tiger Hobbes. It painted the true imagination and wonder that young children have and the connection they make to things like their stuffed animals. Calvin brought Hobbes everywhere, and the two would always get into trouble with one another, yet Calvin was the only one who could understand Hobbes as a real life being, everyone else just saw him as a stuffed tiger. The two caused a lot of mischief but there always were many life lessons sprinkled into Watterson’s work and that is what I found most enjoyable. Everyone can relate to being a trouble some young kid trying to figure life out by interacting and struggling to deal with their parents every day. And that’s the beauty of his work.




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