Unique Take on a Travel Blog: Loki the Wolf Dog

The travel blog I decided write about is something that was unique and outside of the cookie cutter travel blogs people might see more often. One of my classmates showed me the site last term and the content includes a man and his Wolf Dog named Loki, that he takes to do all of these incredible ‘off the beaten path’ travel activities. Their travel has been built on the friendship of this man and his dog and their mission statement includes that the writer and “Loki hope we can inspire others to get out, explore their world, and make memories with their pups.”

They travel mostly around the western United States as the writer, Kelly, is from Northern California and now resides in Denver, Colorado. His market is definitely a niche group that prefers more ‘outdoorsy’ traveling like hiking, camping and skiing. So for the market he is trying to reach in the Western United States he is spot on. They use photojournalism and video content to capture the beauty and love they find in their travel and present it in to the audience in a captivating way. He uses a Go-Pro and combines a variety of beautiful landscape shots and action shots of Loki. Depending on personal preference, some people find this kind of traveling fun and exciting. It is definitely outside the mainstream as far as travel writing would go, but still captures interest of a large enough audience to remain popular and receive different sponsors and make guest appearances base don the popularity for the site alone.




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