Sports Review: Early Season MLB Predictions…Again

My favorite time of the year. When sports journalism is at its most irrelevant point during the whole calendar year–the beginning of the season. This past few weeks has been the opening weeks of the Major League Baseball season. So sports analysts take it upon themselves turn in their overly early predictions for who will win each division and win the World Series. Considering each and every team ONLY HAS 162 GAMES LEFT IN THEIR SEASON. The problem with sports writing and like much news writing these days is that they have all become 24/7 coverage for all things sports. So the need pump out stories that are sometimes irrelevant help to provide filler information between actual breaking stories and updates. The analysis of the article was obviously very opinionated but to add some credibility to the argument, statistical predictions from different analytical ‘experts’ was collected, and the articles final prediction concluded that the most popularly chosen teams by the experts would be the winners of the divisions. The articles title concluded from the beginning gave a hint that the Chicago Cubs were going to be the predicted champions, but the data from the article predicted the Cleveland Indians would be the winners. So that means after all of the ‘expert opinion’ within the article they predicted the same exact World Series match up as the year before–how bold of a prediction. Articles like this in sports journalism as well as most other types of journalism are frustrating and just over saturate the news market from important and interesting things readers will like.



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