Martha Stewart Lifestyle Writing Review

Over the past few years, there has been a rapidly increasing popularity and market in many ‘lifestyle’ websites or blogs that are written about a variety of topics, or even finely tuned niche groups, that help to influence the readers daily lives. Lifestyle blogs can be about any topic really, but some of the most common topics are fashion, food, travel and home improvement in one way or another. Some of the most popular pages will blend multiple topics into one.

The site that I reviewed was for Martha Stewart. As most people remember Martha Stewart originally become famous for doing a variety of cooking shows that she used to air on television, as well publishing many books and many more business ventures. Although she still does a show as part of her profession, her lifestyle blog has become an all encompassing universe for all things Martha Stewart. The site includes things like seasonal recipes and ideas for things like Mothers Day or Easter Gifts, as well as fashion and household organizational tips. The tone of most articles are friendly, light and warm. Most of the ideas attempt to put unique spins on everyday things to help provide the reader with something that is somewhat new and unusual to them making it exciting and consumable content. This helps to promote the longevity, interest and therefore value in the Martha Stewart brand, as she continues to be one of the top dogs in the game of lifestyle writing and television.


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