Sports Science Stephen Curry

The scientific article I chose to analyze was a sports science video on one of my favorite NBA players, Stephen Curry. There are many different series of these sports science videos that discuss a variety of sports and talented athletes. What makes these videos unique is their ability to combine high level athletics and scientific data to help understand what makes professional athletes so successful at their particular sport. These videos are quick and to the point presenting the scientific collected data normally along with video breakdown of the player’s unique skillset in action. The full length videos from the television show also break down how they collect and measure the data from start to finish before it is presented. But the viral versions of these videos just discuss the results of their findings from the experiment so a viewer scrolling through a social media feed could gather the results of the experiment without the entire breakdown if they chose to do so. I enjoyed this specific video because Steph Curry is one of my favorite NBA players and his game is not like any other player you would normally see in professional basketball. He doesn’t dominate because of his size, strength and athleticism like most other pro athletes, but instead his incredible skillset that is far greater than any of the other players that helps make him successful in his own unique way.


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