Review of CNN’s Article: Congress Just Killed Your Internet Privacy Protections

The article I chose to review for politics came from CNN News and discussed a vote that took place on the congressional floor this week to repeal the internet privacy laws that were put into action by the Obama administration. A summary of the article discusses how this new legislation could be extremely advantageous to large internet search providers like Google and Facebook allowing them to tighten their hold on the market by accessing data from the searches by the users while on their site. Allowing this type of access to these all companies was designed to help level the internet playing field by giving smaller providers the same access to collected data as the major providers. In actuality, it limits the individual user’s privacy and those who would see the most beneficial increase from the repeal would be the major network providers.

The article’s style was informative in the fact that it focused heavily on the congressional vote, but the tone of the piece was designed to form an opinion in the readers mind about how to react to the legislation. Aside from a quote from a Republican senator in the article that discussed that the repeal was designed to level the playing field for all internet service companies, the article mainly focused on how the removal of the internet privacy laws were extremely bad for the individual users and didn’t really discuss any potential benefits to the passing. Leaving the reader with basically only one opinion when they finish the article, and with my personal opinions of the topic aside, I think it should be more balanced for potential benefits on both sides of the legislation for the reader to think for themselves to decide which side the agree with more.



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