ABC News Website Review

ABC News is one of the leading news sites in the United States. They are a national publication that reports on global and national news stories. On the home page for the ABC News website they have a variety of stories from all over the world, as well as across the country. These headlining stories are often those that will peak the audience’s interest and are the most current up to date information surrounding the articles topic. One of the things I also noticed about the first page of the publications website is that it is very heavy on picture and video content. These photos would be followed by with headline of the breaking news story, that leads to a new page of the video accompanied by the written article.

The titles of the headlining articles are very bold, containing many attention grabbing words designed to evoke emotion in the audience and have them feeling a particular way about the topic before even clicking into the full story. The articles then follow to either capitalize on that emotion and help form an opinion, or it discredits the original feelings the headline created changing your opinion by the end. The style of the articles are very well written and informative, but do contain their fair share of critical language about the topic attempting to sway readers opinions one way or another. Although there were those brief instances of language, the articles were still very professionally written and used relevant quotes to the story to make the story as informative as possible. A majority of the news stories are focused on current politics, with the occasional crime mixed in to break up the monotony. There are a variety of other stories the further into the site you go but crime and politics dominate almost all of the newest headlines.

The site itself like I mentioned before is very heavy with image and video content. This makes these articles very attractive and easy to follow, as well as share to all of the readers favorite social media sites if they so choose. The have a link also on the site that the audience can click to take them directly to watch a live news stream for ABC’s channel. This is a very effective strategy and helping to adjust their marketing focus to the massive focus on internet news sources. Now if a reader is just scrolling through some daily news articles, they have the option to be taken directly to their live news channel instead without having to turn on the television. It is accessible and compatible with all devices  like many things are these days, so it can be reached completely wireless and on the go to fit the busy lifestyles of their consumers. There are funded ads and articles that pay to be included on the ABC News site, but they are labeled as sponsored ads or articles so the audience knows before even clicking the link this is not content that ABC News created for their site.

ABC is one of the biggest networks and producers of media content in the US. Their news site is another avenue in which ABC seeks to entertain and inform its audience. The news site represents themselves professionally and informs the audience of current events relevant to their everyday lives. They seem to hold an opinion about many topics, but try to remain as unbiased as possible in their reporting style. Making them a very popular site for news consumption.


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