Juicy J Turns Back the Clock at the Fillmore

This weekend, rapper Juicy J visited Denver at the Fillmore Auditorium and rocked the house like he has for years. He was the headlining act of the show who came on stage last after two other performances, one by Project Pat and the other by an artist called Belly. As the crowd filled in for the two other performers, Juicy J finally came on stage around 11 pm and did not disappoint. As a 41 year old rapper with hundreds of songs, I went into the concert unsure of what he would play or if I would like it. But he played a great variety of his songs from some of his newest, back to some of his oldest and most popular songs.

Juicy J has been a rapper for over 20 years and now associates himself with the record label known as Taylor Gang, who Wiz Khalifa has made extremely popular within the last decade. Since being with Taylor Gang, Juicy J released and album, but has mainly just been used for features in many of Wiz Khlaifa’s songs as well as many other artists. Prior to being associated with Taylor Gang, Juicy J was associated with Three-Six Mafia, a group consisting of himself and Project Pat. The group disbanded in 2009 but obviously not on bad terms considering Project Pat was on the tour as well.

This added an exciting element to the show because Project Pat was the first performer and we barely made it there for the end of his set. So for those that missed him early in the show, Juicy J brought him back onto the stage to perform some of their hits from their time together as Three-Six Mafia. This was the most exciting part of the show for me and I am sure for most people considering some of his most widely popular songs came from his time with Project Pat as Three-Six Mafia. The crowd was very energetic from start to finish and I think this had to do with the fact that Juicy J is one of the better live performers comparatively to most rap artists I have ever seen live. He is basically making a living on his live performances and occasional features in new hip-hop tracks. but there is a demand for him to keep touring and keep making music by his fan base. So at 41 Juicy J is going on national tours and packing the house giving the crowd every penny of what they paid for.

Tickets were only $20 for this event and I found them on Group-on, and if I had the choice again I would go 10/10 times because it was really a lot of fun for a great price. However, if you do not arrive drunk you will be highly disappointed to discover that single shot drinks are still about $13 a piece, so make sure if drinking is a vital part to your concert enjoyment experience that you plan accordingly.


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