12/19/2016: Colorado Dispensary Responsible Hundreds of Hospitalizations This Week


Earlier this week a local Denver Marijuana Dispensary has been shut down after many of the customers began to become very sick after smoking and ingesting what is believed to be a contaminated shipment of new marijuana from one of their growers. After these customers and patients began to become very ill many have checked themselves into hospitals in the area where doctors have not yet been able to determine what is actually wrong with the patients and how to cure them. Over 123 patients have checked themselves into medical care within the past 48 hours, all saying they have smoked marijuana from the same dispensary and picked it up at some point this previous weekend.

Many of the symptoms these patients have commonly included vomiting as well as hot and cold sweats making the sickness look very similar to a bad case of the influenza virus. However, doctors are unsure whether or not to treat the virus like the flu or not, because they cannot directly identify what has led to the patients sickness after they ingested the marijuana.



The infected buds have a dark brown spot that can be seen when the nugget is broken open.


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