30 Day Writing Challenge Topic: A Family Member You Dislike

My family is wonderful, but like every family you come to some minor disagreements at certain times, and normally, these conflicts are resolved in one way or another and you continue to love each other like you had previously. This has been the case for me at least most of my life, although my family members and myself will come to disagreements, none of them have been major enough to ever change the relationship we have with one another… until recently.

My cousin Frank moved to Colorado for a brief period of time during the spring and summer 4 years ago to live my father and work for his plumbing company because he was struggling to find a job back home in Florida. My dad, being the loving and understanding man he is, took Frank under his wing, gave him a room to stay in rent free during his time in Colorado in hopes he would be able to save up enough money and start a life of his own in Colorado. Meanwhile, my sisters and I, who are all very close, made sure to include Frank in all of our reckless weekend activities that we were up to at the time so he could have some fun while he was out here as well, and wasn’t always stuck in the apartment with our Dad. But from the time he came out to Colorado, Frank had a dream of becoming a police officer, and after about a half of a year in Denver, he was accepted into the police academy back in his home state of Florida. In less than a weeks time, Frank was gone, back home to pursue his dreams of becoming a police officer. Even though he was making good money working for my Dad full time, you can’t fault a man for leaving one opportunity to pursue something he truly wanted to do.

Here is where the story starts to get interesting, after heading back to Florida, Frank graduated from the police academy, but for some reason was unable to find a job in his desired career field. Late this spring, Frank called my dad and asked if there was any way he could hire him again if he came back out to Colorado and began working for my dads company again. After a few weeks, our family had came to a solution, because we love Frank and wanted to help him. The plan was for Frank to move in with myself and my younger sister Cara as our third roommate, just so expenses wouldn’t be too overwhelming by trying to live on his own, and also he would have people around his age to live with and hang out with instead of living with my dad and his girlfriend. The plan was set! Frank was moving back! We were all excited and couldn’t wait for him to come back.

Weeks later, Frank and my Uncle Tommy began their cross country drive from Florida in the new truck that my Uncle had just purchased for him so he would have a car to use. They arrived a few days before we were set to move into our new house, and upon their arrival, we all went out to eat as a family so we could see our Uncle before he flew back to Florida in the morning. I remember my father asking Frank why he couldn’t find a job as a cop, and Frank reply was something along the lines of ‘there was too much politics in it, and it came down to who you knew if you were going to get assigned to the department you wanted, regardless of how well you did in the academy,’ which seemed like a reasonable answer to all of us. What did we know? But our Uncle made the smart remark somewhere along the lines of ‘well Frank you only applied to like two places,’ and this should have been the first red flag, Frank was caught in a lie, and looking back at it, because our Uncle didn’t really want to embarrass him in front of us, he accepted Franks counter argument that he applied to ‘way more’ than two places. But little did we know, Frank being caught in a lie would be a rapidly reoccurring theme over the next week.

The plan was for Frank to sleep on the futon in my room at our apartment until our move in day came so we could move all of our things to our new place. He stayed with us the first night, and the next day we planned to meet my dad the next day for breakfast because it is what we do every Sunday morning. My dad met us for breakfast and bought food for all of us per usual, gave Frank his work uniforms and told him to be ready to work in the morning and to be there at 7:30 a.m. After breakfast, we returned to our apartment around 10 a.m. and before even going inside, Frank stopped my sisters and I saying that he ‘was going to IKEA to start looking at stuff for his new bedroom set and some furniture we would need for the house because he had to work so early tomorrow morning and wouldn’t have any other time to do it.’ Well right on that sounded legit, so we told him go ahead and do your thing and we will see you later on tonight.

Frank came home a little after midnight, and I know IKEA is huge and confusing but it also closes long before midnight. So after being gone for 14 hours, naturally we asked him where he was. ‘Oh I was just driving around and checking stuff out after I left and getting familiar with the roads…’ Hmm well alright? We accepted the answer, but now we began to become suspicious. Frank went into my room and went to bed, as my sisters, a few friends of mine, and myself shared a joint around the kitchen table like we often do on the weekends. We began to talk about how strange his reply was, but brushed it off as nothing too major. We all went to bed and Franks alarm woke me the next day at 6 a.m. and I didn’t think too much of it because I knew he had to work with my Dad that day. So Frank left and I rolled over to sleep for a few more hours before I had to wake up.

However, I was awake earlier than expected when I received a phone call from my dad. He was calling to ask me where Frank was. I told him I didn’t know and that he left really early this morning and I thought he was leaving for work. My dad proceeded to tell me how he had called and texted Frank multiple times and he hadn’t showed up to work or answered him. We all tried to contact him with no success. Now things were starting to get a little sketchy. We all went on with our day, later that night still no one had heard from Frank. My dad texted Frank urging him to be at work on Tuesday and somewhat letting him off the hook for going M.I.A. on Monday. But surprise, surprise, Frank didn’t show again on Tuesday. Again no responses to anyone. So finally my dad called my uncle because naturally we were all worried. So my uncle calls and what do you know, Frank answers the phone right away! What the hell?! So after naturally asking where the hell he was and why he wasn’t at work Frank replied saying that he was in the mountains and he didn’t know he was supposed to work the last two days and it was a miscommunication.

Well, okay Frank here is the problem buddy is that we were all present at breakfast where our dad told Frank he had to work the next day, and immediately after breakfast Frank claimed he needed to go to IKEA that day because he had work the next day. So he knew he had work, but was now trying to cover his ass. My dad warned my uncle there was no misunderstanding and Frank was lying. So after two days of not coming back to stay with us and apparently ‘being in the mountains’ Frank was given one more warning by his OWN father to get to work the next day. And to the surprise of everyone, Frank was absent again Wednesday. My dad called my uncle and told him Frank no longer had a job opportunity for his company. Texted Frank the same thing, but offering him a solution of working somewhere else for 6 months and if he was serious about working for his company and staying in Colorado, he would re-hire him in 6 months. He finally received a reply from Frank saying that he was very sorry for what had happened and agreed that the 6 month opportunity was something he would do and he would start looking for a job.

An hour after that he called my dad, begging him for his job back saying that he ‘couldn’t find a job and would work for free to make it up to my dad.’ My dad laughed and told him there is no chance he exhausted all job opportunities in the Denver-metro area within an hour. Once  it became apparent that he wasn’t going to get anywhere with my dad, Frank began to show his true colors.

While all this was happening, my sister and I had no clue what our living situation was going to be, considering we had already put a deposit and paid first months rent on the house we were moving into the very next day and Frank was still yet to show his face since Sunday night. Well, while he was on the phone begging for his job back with my dad, and getting caught in multiple lies, he told my dad he didn’t want to live with us because we smoke weed. I guess he figured since he was caught with his pants down, why not try to get us into a little trouble with our dad so he seemed like less of an asshole. Little did he know, he now looks like more of an asshole than ever before because although my dad was upset with us because we smoke weed, he has known that we do for a long time now. Matter of fact, we had been smoking weed since the first time Frank lived out here four years ago and probably smoked more back then than we do currently. He came to party with us multiple times, never objected to us smoking and always telling us we could smoke and he had no problem with it, but he just wasn’t going to participate. Apparently this was before Frank became an asshole, because now all of a sudden it was an issue he couldn’t get past. Or he just knew it could potentially get us in trouble and save his ass. But it didn’t, we still smoke weed and Frank still didn’t have a job due to the fact he was neglecting his responsibilities and opportunities.

So he left my younger sister and I hanging out to dry, a few weeks before school I had to now find a roommate to fill Franks room otherwise I was going to have to drop out of school before my senior year started in order to afford our house. Thankfully we found another roommate a few days before my payment was due for classes so I was able to go to school but that’s a different story. Frank slept in his car, or at least that’s what he told my dad but that was probably a lie too, and said he was looking for places to live and jobs all over the city even though the whole time he could’ve came to stay with us even temporarily so he didn’t have to sleep in his car. I reached out to him all week texting him telling him we were moving in, and despite him not working with my dad he could come stay with us if he needed a place to go. But to little surprise, he never answered me. A week later my dad got word from our uncle that Frank as heading back to Florida after giving up his home and job search, which was no shock to anyone at that point considering he burned every potential bridge he had in Colorado.

Now there is still a huge element of mystery to this story. Where was Frank all that time he said he was in the mountains? Was he actually there? Or was he lying to to cover something else up. Given how shady he was acting for the whole time he was out here my sisters and my friends all weighed in their own hypotheses. Varying from outrageous things like he was on hard drugs (which I seriously doubt considering he was such a square about us smoking weed), to him potentially having a gay lover which I thought was far fetched as well. I personally think he had came out here for a girl he met online and was ashamed to admit it to any of us that he was blowing off work and everything else for that. But still, no one, not even our uncle knows what he was really doing out here.

Frank is a 25 year old man that had a great opportunity to come out to Colorado with people that loved him and make the most of it, but instead he chose to lie and in the process tried to drag the people that cared about him down with him.

Although Frank was a liar and an asshole for his second brief time in Colorado, the topic of the writing was to discuss a family member you dislike, not a family member you hate and have cast out forever. I still love him and I know the rest of my family does as well. He got what he deserved for lying, and made some mistakes like every one of us does at some point. We found a new, reliable roommate so we ended up working things out and a crisis was averted on our end. I know Frank is probably ashamed of what he did to us and might not ever want to show his face again because of it, but I do wish the best for him and hope he learned from the experience we all had. He knows that if he did need us for anything we would be there again to help him if he needed it.


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